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unread content refresh after clicking Mark Content Read


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Upgraded to 4.4.8 and something my members are starting to notice

unread content no longer automatically refreshes when viewing the list of unread content and then clicking "mark site read", this issue is experienced on my own forum and IPS forums 

On my previous version 4.3.6,  When you go to the unread content top right of forum, click unread content and all the unread content is shown. Click the Mark Site Read and the box pops up " Are you sure you want to mark all content on community read" and then click "OK" .  After clicking ok, the unread content used to refresh and all the content would then disappear and show as no unread content.

On this latest version when you click the "OK" button the unread content still stays there unless you either click the unread content on the forum or refresh you browser. Its even worse on an Ipad as after clicking the "Mark site read option" the account navigation just stays there, it used to refresh and close?

I contact support but was told

"It would indeed not show as gone until you revisit that area"

Seams a step backwards to me, is there a reason why it no no longer refreshes.

Thank you

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