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Group Promotions and Subscriptions Together?


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I'm not really sure if Group Promotions and Subscriptions can work together. Lets say I have 3 Commerce Subscription levels... lets call them by levels and price them fictitiously:

  • Level 1 - free (I now there is debate on using free subscriptions, but I do this to show free vs paid, there are other topics to discuss this)
  • Level 2 - $10
  • Level 3 -$20

Each subscription level moves the user into a created usergroup of the same name with permissions created and increased per level (higher level, the more you can do)

Now, if I want to use Group Promotions and automatically promote members to these created usergroup levels on lets say content count like:

  • Level 2 - 2000 content count
  • Level 3 - 3000 content count 

I can set that up quite easily. My question is, if a user is automatically promoted through group promotions to Level 3 (is a current level 2 because they paid a level 2 subscription), is there a way to mark and stop the renewal subscription and any future invoices for a level subscription? It seems like its a manual process and group promotions does not work together with subscriptions in this manner. Anyone achieve something like this?

Maybe a usergroup level check by commerce to see if the user was automatically promoted already?

Basically giving members the ability to achieve usergroup promotions through content or pay their way to get there through subscriptions.

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