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Integrate Google custom search?


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Just a suggestion, please integrate Google Custom Search. Easy to use, finds everything, does 2 letters and phrases plus a whole lot more. If you are hosting your search results on your site, you can get enhanced reporting through Google Analytics site search reporting. Lots of perks, no hard figuring, just works. Can customize your search page also. You get a 100 free searches a day and $5.00 usd for a extra 1000 searches. I feel the search is so good someone would find what they need first search. As it stands now, it takes a lot to find what you need using search. This is a area I'd personally be willing to pay a little into to save time using the search. Just a thought.



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5 hours ago, DesignzShop said:

finds everything

No. Unfortunately not. It includes only pages that are indexed by Google https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/4513925?hl=en and Google does not include every page in index. The contents that are not available for guests are also not included, as Google can only see the content that is available for guest. :sad:

But the search results are indeed so much better as Elastic search and also displaying of the results.

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