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We have a very old community and lots of users with outdated email addresses. We have a great number of notification mails and newsletter that are bounced. This makes a big load on our mail server and is unnecessary. While there is no bounce management built-in in IPS, I would like be able at least manually set users with invalid email address to "validating". The purpose is: they should not get any email notifications or newsletter till they provide a valid email address. This would reduce the amount of sent emails and makes our mail server works faster and smoother.

Thank you.

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I have exactly the same problem and so far, there is no solution in sight, to do any automatic email address verifications / bulk email list cleanups for communities using local php mail. By  using a professional email provider I'd pay around 500 - 1000 $ for each bulk email sent out. And unfortunately I can't afford this. The author of the Mail Bouncer app has been contacted 10 months ago in the app's support topic and he responded to consider this app extension for local mail though he originally wanted to leave it as most "configuration-free" as possible. 

Any manual option to deactivate bouncing email addresses is a no-go for communities with 250.000 users… But I'd be willing to support any solution that can automate the bounce detection for local php mail and setting them back to "validated" or any other workaround.

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