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Brainstorming - One Database Entry In Multiple Categories


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Hi Community!


I have something I'm working on and have been trying to find the best way to do it. So I'll give you what I need to do and maybe a second pair of eyes will come up with something I haven't thought of...

I have a database of video entries. And separately - a list of categories. (They're not linked at the moment, the categories are just on paper, but the database already long time on the website).
Each video needs to be categorized. However one video can belong to multiple categories.

How would you do it?


The options I came up with are - 

  1. Have a separate database listing the categories as entries. And linking related videos to each category via the "Database Relationship" field.
  2. Using tags (this one I feel would be too annoying...) Just tagging the videos with the category names and creating separate pages for each tag/category and using a block widget to pull all of them to the page.

What I think will suck is that in either way I cannot create pagination, so if one category has let's say 100 videos and I click on that category the page will be very expensive recource wise to load...


Anyway, any ideas are welcome, I wanted to consult and maybe get a second opinion as I'm working on this alone 🙂 

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Yeah, use the database relationship field. Works nicely for this type of use. A nice advantage is that you can also cross-link between category database and video database. I use this all the time. The only thing I don’t like is that the output of database relationship fields can’t be ordered without custom code. 

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