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Advertisements Reporting?


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Hi Guys - I'm close to switching from Google Ad manager to the built-in Advertisements app. The one feature stopping me from moving is the lack of reporting. I need to automatically run impression and click reports on advertisements and have them sent to advertisers each month. I don't see any way to do this in IPS. 

Question 1: Is there anyway to run reports that show the number of impressions and clicks an ad has received for a given time period?

Question 2: Is there anyway to automate such a report and have it sent to a few email addresses per report?

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I don't believe so.


I'd love to have a simple report so that people who are paying for ads on my site can see a page with the stats about their ads.  Customers don't really like paying $$$ and have ZERO idea how their ads are performing.  People must not use ads on their site, because stats for ads aren't / haven't been a priority for IPS.

I've even resorted to praying to Zeus, hoping maybe IPS will stop using classes that have advertisement in them so that Ad Blockers don't block them (search your templates and remove ipsAdvertisement if you don't want your ads blocked by ad blockers).

It's apparent that only Jesus can make that happen... or maybe another God.  Though, I haven't had too much luck.  Maybe I need to sacrifice a goat.


Maybe there is another way:  Either pray (see above), find a reliable God, or bust out some cash and pay a developer like @onlyME or @Adriano Faria if they aren't slammed with work already.


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