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Possible to have phone based activation


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On 8/27/2019 at 11:01 AM, Matt said:

We do use Authy as a Two Factor Verification method, if that's what you mean? This is where it'll send you a one time code over SMS which you enter in the 2FA box after logging in.

My use case is to have one user account per phone. This way I can avoid users from creating multiple accounts so that they can't spam / troll with multiple accounts. 

But i think your suggestion will work too i.e. they need to enable 2FA before posting and hence indirectly achieve above use case. 

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Yes, I am also interested in this option.
I want to secure areas on the forums.
I want a Phone -> User association.
I also want to be able to block phone changes.

When a person enters a certain area of the forum.
I want SMS Code to authenticate the person.

This is for areas such as boards of directors.

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