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[Paid] Content Maturity Ratings


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I'm going to actually redirect this! Offering the same amount for some help with what is basically a Content Maturity Ratings system. Using @Kevin Carwile's automation rules app (or possibly just developing something similar to it's "Custom Data Fields", which let's us set custom strings per content item, such as images/albums, blog(s) and blog entries, etc, and an True/false flag on a member account of the two Maturity ratings we use outside of General for everyone). What we need is a way to filter out content based on a check against the rating of the content and the rating the member has enabled. We have a plugin for Gallery that already somewhat does this, but uses Tags as a base, and was written by @Adriano Faria and works fantastically. We'd need this to apply at least in Gallery and Blogs (which we use as Literature). This would let us do away with our current system of having too many user groups (we have one for Mature and one for Adult to control permissions), and would let us get away with not having Blog (Literature) categories if members who cannot (or have chosen not to) view adult content can't access it.

Any help appreciated, thank you!

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