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Avatars disappeared

Steve Bullman

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Hi guys

I have an odd problem on my site. Default avatars have disappeared. This seemed to be the default IPS ones as far as I can tell. I have had my developer look into it as initially we believed it to me an AWS issue.

The avatars in question all have a structure like this F_member_56164.png

However it hasn't seemed to effect all of them. Some are still showing. Any ideas why this would be happening? This started 3 days ago and to my knowledge no changes have been made on the site in that time that could effect this.



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We no longer generate default letter profile photos - we use SVG and output specific HTML at run time. So, to that end, there shouldn't be any files on disk and the upgrade routine (or a post-upgrade background task, more specifically) should be deleting the files on disk.

I would double check on the default theme, but otherwise we'll look via the ticket.

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