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Languages: Preventing overrides when a pack is updated


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 I keep several sites using my own language pack. When there's a need to, I update the language pack and write over the version in each of the sites.

That's where the problems start. On one of the sites, I need to use a word like 'Groups' for 'Clubs'. Still another uses 'Circles'. One of them uses a word like 'meetings' or 'get-togethers' instead of 'events' in Calendar. All of them, of course, have different entries corresponding to strings like 'Sign in with [Site Name]'.

The problem is that when an updated language pack is uploaded to the site, all of those distinct strings are replaced with the generic versions in the language pack. And so the painful process of trawling through the strings begins, replacing instances of 'Club', 'event', '[Site Name]' and so on.

What would be useful is a feature by which we can indicate strings and their translations which are to overwrite whatever an uploaded language pack has there. It could be a field where we type the string (maybe indicating the app/plugin/theme etc if there are duplicates) and what the replacement should be. It might look something like:

Core - oauth_custom_button_text_custom_placeholder - Sign in with Invision Community

Upon uploading an updated pack, there would be some kind of check. The update would've written over whatever the entry for oauth_custom_button_text_custom_placeholder with the version which was written in the language pack, but upon completion, this new script would run updating the database with the strings which the site admin has put to one side, in a form of post-update updating.

That would spare admins like me from having to make the same changes to some of our sites when we've had to upgrade the language pack once it becomes necessary to do so, such as when there 4.3.8 became 4.4.

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