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Migrate Woltlab 4.1 --> MyBB 1.8 --> IPB 4.4, Members failed


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After migrate my Woltlab Community (4.1) first to MyBB  (1.8) and after that to the current IPB version i have some problems. 

The User and Content Migration was succesfull. 

In the backend i can see all 2.484 members.


In the frontend i get just the result 49 Members.



What can I do to synch users?

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19 hours ago, Black Tiger said:

I don't think it is cache. My forums are already converted for a week, I don't even dare to put the widget on because it's not giving the correct amount of users.

Same on my test forum. Ticket send in friday, no response yet. Hopefully later today or tomorrow.

I'm sure we'll be able to answer what's going on with the ticket in place.

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On 3/11/2019 at 2:20 PM, bfarber said:

The front end widget is cached for a period of time. Did you want and then check again later to make sure it wasn't just cached?

After i checked the widget 3 times a day it counts very slow up.

Today in the morning it shows 178 Users.

At lunch it shows 192 Users and just in this moment it shows 228 Users.


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I just got a reply from my support ticket. As promised I would give feedback.

It needs further investigtion so now Tier II is going to investigate what's causing this.

I've also had that it counted up to 322 on my test forum and went back to 14 now. I'm sure they will fix it.

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