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    Perfect plugin... Exactly what i need for my community...
  1. Hi @Makoto Do you plan for a next update that i can edit next the tag color the font color too ? I have many tags with a light color. And the font color is always white. So if i have a very lighty tag color i want to choose a dark font color.
  2. Hi @MIXOH Is it possible to set up different reactions for a new topic and comments with your tool? I would like to give all reactions , i've set up, for the first post (topic starter) and answers / posts (comments) can receive just one reaction. For example: Topic Starter can get from all users And for answers you can give just
  3. Ah... Okay... Yes. That's a little bit too much, only for this feature. Maybe next CyberMonday 😉
  4. @OliverKapunkt I use the Application „Radical Tags“ from @makoto
  5. The diagram block is behind the reight site navigation... How can i fix this.
  6. Thanks for the update, but some of the tags can be also used as a normal tag. So they are still in the Tag cloud. I think my option is the better way. exclude explicit tags from cloud in the tag editor.
  7. Does the plugin check the user time zone ? I have just German members. Do new topics doesn’t have the server timestamp ?
  8. Nearly exactly what i need. Is it possible to add an additional option ?! No matter when a new topic would started, 11 p.m. or at 7 p.m. So it should not be counted according to the time, but according to the corresponding day. Each day, the member can only create a number X new topics. The counter should then be reset every day at 00:00. Can you add this option ?
  9. NEW IDEA: It would be great if you could give the cloud more color ! So we use your tool to change the color for tags, and cannot use it in the cloud. If you can do it 1:1 same and then the different sizing, that would be great... If someone would not use it for his site, so you can add an option.
  10. So. Thanks for adding the tag cloud. I use for my community standard prefixes, which are shown in the cloud. Is it possible to exclude them ?
    Perfect plugin, but if you activate the plugin and copy the text, all formatting is removed from the text. Then it is just a plain text and paragraphs etc. are removed. 5* (Stars, when you fix it)
    Perfect tool ... It's easy to deal with. But it shows just the reaction of the first post. Is it possible to extend the function so that you can see all the reactions of the "entire post". (set up by an extra option in the backend)
  11. It's OK. 🙂 Perfect Application
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