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  1. right πŸ™‚ i don't set the permissions in the user group.
  2. @Adriano Faria is that a job for you ? I'm also interested for this feature !
  3. Hi @Makoto can you reproduce this ?
  4. Hi @Makoto Nothing changes after set the amount of Tags to display. you can enter 1, 20 or 70... Everytime the same amount of tags in the widget πŸ™‚
  5. Yes https://Poeten.de i use three themes from Ehren.. and for testing AQ. but I’m looking forward to 4.5
  6. What a massive ad forum πŸ™‚ looks ok, but nothing special...
  7. That would be great πŸ™‚
    nearly exactly what i need. Fast support for a change request. I've submit some new ideas and feature requests for the future. Hope to see some more updates. I use it for a competition for my community. So every member can submit a poem for a period of time. After that the other can vote, which poem/autor is the best. The election / voting runs 1 week. Now its my turn to translate it for my community πŸ™‚ Thanks
    Perfect plugin... Exactly what i need for my community...
  8. Hi @Makoto Do you plan for a next update that i can edit next the tag color the font color too ? I have many tags with a light color. And the font color is always white. So if i have a very lighty tag color i want to choose a dark font color.
  9. Hi @MIXOH Is it possible to set up different reactions for a new topic and comments with your tool? I would like to give all reactions , i've set up, for the first post (topic starter) and answers / posts (comments) can receive just one reaction. For example: Topic Starter can get from all users And for answers you can give just
  10. Ah... Okay... Yes. That's a little bit too much, only for this feature. Maybe next CyberMonday πŸ˜‰
  11. @OliverKapunkt I use the Application β€žRadical Tagsβ€œ from @makoto
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