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problem with forum


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1 hour ago, CZOLGu said:

hello, im looking for help i have no idea what happend, if somone will try visit subforum, posts, profile
then anyway he's on main page with correct url, i try to install clear engine, buy new www server
from 3 days i have no idea what can i do


Looks like fresh install done about 1 hour ago so not sure if need help or not ?

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I see what you mean, empty forum, the welcome topic should be visible.

You could wait a bit, maybe it's still a reindexing issue. If you think it's not, have a look at your webservers error logs, see what's happening and why it's just reloading the main index and not the real welcome topic.
I presume the guest member group permissions are setup correctly?

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28 minutes ago, CZOLGu said:

im still looking for help, try to entre on "WELCOME" topic or Any profile, you will get redirect to main page anyway...
that is a problem i have no idea HOW to fix that

now understand the issue do you have any .htaccess that could be redirecting the links ? 

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