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1 minute ago, zomBEE said:

Hey, all!

Is it possible to add moderators to certain forums? For instance, I'd like to have the global moderators, but also the ability to add moderators that only have those permissions in certain areas. 


Thank you!


Yes. You need to create a new moderator in the AdminCP
Members - Staff - Moderators

Add a new user with restricted permissions. My advice. Unselect all, and then enable whatever you need.  In the forums sections, you can decide which forums he/she can moderate and exactly how many features are enabled.

for example, you can have a moderator that can not delete content, but can hide it.

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The reason I asked is because I created a group called Jr. Moderators with certain permissions. But I wanted those permissions to apply to certain forums. So if "Mike" was added to that group and put on to moderate a forum, he'd automatically earn those permissions for that forum. 

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15 hours ago, zomBEE said:

So, it doesn't add them to a new group? Just marks their individual account as "moderator"...?

You can have your moderator group, and specific users with moderator permissions in specific forums.
When you add an account as moderator in the AdminCP you can specify all the permissions for that account in particular. It's very very useful for communities that focus on different content and require different moderators with different levels.


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