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  1. Got it working. Thanks! Is it possible to show the icon in Who's Online?
  2. I will PM you because I don't see it. Thank you
  3. Does this honor permissions? Some tags are from private areas.
  4. zomBEE

    Mind Theme

    This did weird things to the mobile version. Since it was displaying on the mobile, it gave an extra About Me header
  5. I disabled all plugins and it still didn't work on the default theme.
  6. I'm unable to get it to show up on 4.3. I can see the settings in the account settings>user icon, but selecting one changes nothing. Doesn't show in the preview or anywhere on the forum.
  7. Is it possible to have common tags come up when you start typing a new tag on a post? For instance, if a member has tagged a topic with the word "computer" the next time someone starts typing "com..." for a tag, it will give computer as an option? That way it will prompt and allow members to choose similar tags so that they are easily searchable.
    Needs an option for different sizes on mobile. Mobile should be a percentage of desktop. Otherwise, so far so good.
  8. I have my logo in many sizes so having a guideline on what will fit nicely would be great. Retina support would be nice as well.
  9. Any idea why it’s showing guest registrations? These guests aren’t actually registering and are not shown in the admincp, but if you tap the guest account it actually takes you to a profile page. Also, did the permissions issue above get sorted?
  10. zomBEE

    Mind Theme

    Profile page on desktop doesn't seem to have About Me tab. It can be viewed when mobile, but the Header is missing in that case.
  11. Did we ever find out if it's just the groups with access that can see the reactions?
  12. Okay, so if I turn that off, and add your plugin, it will show the clubs on the main page..but no content (such as responses, etc in activity)?
  13. On my forum, I now have the Club forums and My club forums below it. How can I remove the built-in version? Also, open clubs still show to guests.
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