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Using Pages/Database as a Survey?


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So woke up this morning and had an idea that was sooo good that I wondered why I didn't think of it sooner.  Need help to implement it.

So I understand using Pages/Database where I create it and then users can leave reviews or make comments... BUT here is what I want to do, not sure if possible either with Pages or if there is another add on that already does this?

Need a database for all of the towns in a certain area... not a problem to populate base.  Need this database to come up with average numbers based on user inputs, ie how many days it took.

So, in a review or somehow else, the users would input their data and the database would automatically update with averages.

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It’s not easily possible. Reviews can’t collect custom data. It’s just the rating and the review text. You would need two separate Pages databases to have towns and reviews with custom fields. But those databases will also not be set up collect, process and display this custom data. Needs a lot of customization. 

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