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Image resizing automatically


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IPS need a image resizing feature for set up website purpose, like below scene, how I can setup for don't need work on additional images then upload it? I mean members should have facility take a picture with their highest resolution camera, because that is the trending, need a image? Take a photo with your phone and upload.


This resizing feature can disable for gallery because maybe need to host the images like that are. 


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On 12/3/2018 at 8:12 AM, bfarber said:

Yes, you simply need to allow larger files to be uploaded first, and then configure the appropriate options to downsize (which are dimension-based, but naturally the lower you make these dimensions the lower the filesizes will be).

Can you provide steps(wher is the configuration) and some sizes recommendations? I don't have the media skills and I don't know which sizes should be good. :sad:

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