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Use existing media as a feature photo


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Hey guys,

I am looking for a feature IPS lacks of for some while now.

When creating a new record which can use a feature photo I do not want to upload the same image over and over again if I want to have several records with the same image. So I would like to choose aside the upload function from already existing media / uploaded media, similar to the ACP where you can access the media used on the site (which provides a {media=} tag. The CKEditor already does that with attachements that have been uploaded e.g. in the forums.

I do not need / want a exclusive plugin only for me, but I would pay for it. So other users might benefit from such a plugin too. Is there anyone able or willing to do something like this?

Thanks in advance,


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 @Adriano Faria

I can use this option when I want to add media to the content I am writing, but e.g. when I add a new entry to a blog I can use an entry photo which is then displayed above the entry title (or the standard image if none is provided).

I wanted to use existing media as a feature photo. Or did I understand anything wrong here?

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Request is still valid.

What I am looking for is to re-use is the feature photo / cover image of an existing article inside the blogs application (or any other app which supports this kind of images) out of already uploaded images as right now you would upload the same image over and over again if you have different purposes to use them (which ultimately fills up disk space).

If this can only be a paid addon please name a price 🙂


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