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Error Converting Posts (Vanilla 2.6.1 to IP Board 4.3)


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Good evening,

I am testing a migration from Vanilla to IP Board on my localhost XAMPP setup. The conversion runs smoothly (using the 2.2x / 2.3x converter application) until I reach the step to convert the posts. I get a 'Waiting for a previous conversion cycle to finish...' load, where it then cycles me through page refreshes until I finally land on a 'Sorry, you do not have permission for that!' page with the following error:

"2V387/1 There was a problem proceeding with the conversion, a previous cycle was still running. Please go back to the conversion to continue."

Using the troubleshooter, it tells me to download unmodified patch files (even though no modification has taken place) or a copy of the suite again. Even after downloading and replacing with these files, the troubleshooter still says the files are modified and the conversion fails. I'd really like to have the conversion ready to go by the time it has to hit my live server in a week's time, so any and all help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!

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As its localhost its going to be a bit tricky for Support to assist directly.

If you check the logs to see if there's anything relevant in them that may help.

I would however open a ticket in the Client Area to ask if there are any patches and/or updates for it, the error message and some log files if appropriate (the relevant bits) may assist.


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Usually that error means that the converter was running a step, it was taking a while, then another request sent off to run the step before the first cycle completed.

Generally speaking, the "solution" is to reduce the number of posts you are converting per-cycle. Maybe try 200 or something along those lines.

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