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Pros and Cons: Addresses Ideology

Brian Klein

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First and foremost I wanted to state the obvious that IPS you do a great job in everything you are doing; my thoughts here are more as a feedback not a critique in any way. Please don't take to heart what I say here as I don't want you to be offended; but rather just want to be heard in hopes this change might make a difference.

I was in my ACP the other night working on "Profile Completion" when I realized I could require people to fill in their 'Physical Address' (in my case, for account verification purposes) but this field is for 'Personal Information' on the community side of the program, not the commerce side and this lead to me thinking, as both a user and an admin; if I was new to the  community and filled in my address, only to find out when I purchase something, I would then have to fill in my address, yet again, it would be annoying when it doesnt have to be.

While the two addresses are separate, why not make commerce address book the default for the board too, just allow an option to make it public or private (only admins and me see) sort of thing.

Making it easier on the customer then they get use of the address book, but don't have to fill the information in two places. 

It doesnt have to be limited to say address's we could do this for so many options in the 'commerce' vs profile section  why not merge it after all the profile on the community should be the customer profile.

@Rhett @Charlie @Marc Stridgen @Daniel F only you can prevent forest fires.

Much love to all of you,


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-Redacted Previous Statement-

Thank you for your opinions @Joel R, I stand firm.

The reason I am bringing it up is for the following reason;

  • As of now, there are two places to put that particular piece of personal information. it just seems slightly redundant and counter productive to have to put it in two places rather then have the user put it in one simple place (like nexus/commerce) and have it show on the profile vs typing it in the user profile and then in the commerce section, after all, the commerce section has an 'address book' why not use it to its full potential?
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