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A lot of cloudfront failures with IPS site


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During the last weeks, I received a lot of cloudfront failures when trying to connect to the IPS community website.

This occurs once a week during the last month and I have never experienced this before. All other websites work without problems.

Today again, invisioncommunity.com hasn't been available for several hours, this just happend the last 3-4 hours.

But I can see members posting during that time.

What is wrong with your cloudfront settings?


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Thanks, @Charles, for the response.

This is the classical case of a poweruser lockout!

As I doubt I have a lot of IP errors, the only reason for being blocked is, that I've read in and contributed to the IPS community the whole day ?? I admit, after reading for 16 hours, opening massive amounts of topics, guides, files, refreshing contents, responding to posts and having an active messenger inbox, this might have led to a block of my IP ?

It might be of advantage, if you lower the firewall connection block settings, if you don't want to lock out powerusers deeply studying IPS ?


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I have the same "403 error" when visiting any IPS site. It has been like this for several days. I have a supportticket for this, but there is nothing wrong on their side and nothing wrong with my Ip either they say.

Still annoying that I can't visit a lot of forums on my mobile or portable device for several days. 

(I have only 2 Ips to select from - I'm at sea)


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