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Forums Issues After Pages as Default App


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Dear folks, I am having a brain cramp here.

I am changing my default application from Forums to Pages, and of course making a page the default page for a specified pages folder. So now when the logo or site url is accessed the user is taken to the default page, or in my case, a landing page.

Please see our proposed landing page here: https://thepatriotwoodworker.com/main/

Once I make pages the default app, and assign this page, the /main goes away, perfect. All is well, and the main landing page is accessed by https://thepatriotwoodworker.com

But -

Now my "Forums" navigation does not work, when "Forums" is clicked on, it takes you to the new landing page, not the forums application.  Please keep in mind, at the time of this topic entry, Forums is our default app. I need to leave it so, as our members are counting on Forums to work since it's been our default app since our inception.

So my question is, how do I make the Forums navigation at the nav bar function, after I make pages our default app?

Thanks for any help



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Thanks guys, it is a hard coded application link to Forums, using Menu Item Type as "Forums" checked.

So then from what you are saying, it's a cache issue, I should be able to clear cache, or if that does not work, then delete the forum link, and re create it?

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Just a quick follow up, nothing we discussed here would work, I finally sent a ticket to IP support, and they helped me work this one out, it all came down to bad redirects in my .htaccess file. I am not clear what it was yet, apparently some lines were added to my .htaccess somehow (not by me) perhaps they snuck in when we flipped to https from http? But IP straightened it all out.

Just wanted to follow up here, and thanks guys for the help again, your suggestions would have worked in a normal environment, but no matter what we came up with here, it would not have worked with a .htaccess out of whack. Just wanted to close this out, for future cases, just in case, if nothing works, check the .htaccess.

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