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IPS and Facebook account exclusion

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Today I received an email from Facebook for Developers (we have Facebook Login enabled) that reads something like "A Facebook user requested that you delete all data collected by your organization through Facebook," and provided the user's Facebook ID.

I was able to locate the user running the query below.

SELECT name FROM core_members WHERE fb_uid='XXXXXXXXX';

Knowing the name of the user, I was able to delete it. Luckily, the user had zero posts.

I wonder if there is a way to do this search through the ACP.


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Data collected by your organization THROUGH Facebook. I guess that begs the question of what data was collected through Facebook... Username? Email? Login token? IP address? 

Post content wouldn't qualify because that wasn't obtained through Facebook. 

Now, for a user with zero posts, deleting seems the easiest solution though. I agree with you there. 

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Hi @Aiwa I received this mesage in Portuguese, so the wording in English may be a little bit different, but, anyway, I was just wondering if there is an easier procedure than running a manual SQL query. BTW. We are online for 15+ years and have 650,000 registered users and this is the first time we received such a message. So it is not a big deal anyway.

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