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changing clubs directory url

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2 minutes ago, Reality Capture Experts said:

I am looking for the way to change the clubs directory URL example:   //realitycaptureexperts.com/forum/clubs/  to   //realitycaptureexperts.com/forum/teams/  also set up a forward for the few links that have been shared.

Thank team

This is a known bug in the 4.x series introduced in 4.1.x. There's a way around this though. Open /applications/core/data/furl.json and find:

/* Clubs */
		"clubs_list": {
			"friendly": "clubs",
			"real": "app=core&module=clubs&controller=directory"
		"clubs_view": {
			"friendly": "clubs/{#id}-{?}",
			"real": "app=core&module=clubs&controller=view",
			"verify": "\\IPS\\Member\\Club"
		/*! Promote */
		"promote_history": {
			"friendly": "promote/history-{#promote_id}",
			"real": "app=core&module=promote&controller=promote&do=history"
		"promote_manage": {
			"friendly": "promote/manage",
			"real": "app=core&module=promote&controller=promote&do=view"
		"promote_show": {
			"friendly": "ourpicks",
			"real": "app=core&module=promote&controller=ourpicks"
		"promote": {
			"friendly": "promote",
			"real": "app=core&module=promote&controller=promote"

You can update the "friendly": parts of these to update "clubs" to whatever you want. You will then have to reupload that file and run the support tool. If you're hosted with CiC, you may have to wait on them to fix the FURL issue (Speaking of which, @Charles, is that going to be fixed, ever?)

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I was able to locate fURL >


Advanced FURL Configuration

A feature that is both powerful and potentially harmful, advanced FURL configuration should only be used if you are comfortable changing the URL structure of your Community. For nearly all sites it is not necessary.



Here we show an example use case of advanced FURL customization. Say you have a previous system that used the url /oldLogin for your login page. By adding a FURL configuration here this would automatically load the actual Invision Community login page when visiting that URL.

Other uses cases might be renaming certain URLs if you use your Community in a unique way, adding aliases, or capturing older links that might need redirection.



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