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Urgent: Problem on Upgrade 4.3.2 - Cannot Connect redis


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Trying to upgrade from 4.2.9 to 4.3.2 at the middle of the upgrade stuck with this

Retry? Continue 

I hit retry same thing come up, I hit continue same thing come up????
What should I do? Board is down???

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Great thank you so much...

1 minute ago, Optic14 said:

I ran into the he same issue.

Redis has died so you need to restart it via command line. Probably easier to get your host to do it.

Do you know the command line command to restart the service?

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Do you get the same error after you try to resume the IPS 4.3 upgrade from:
yourBoardURL/admin/upgrade/    ?

Otherwise I have no other ideas sorry, best to check with your host or whoever installed Redis on your account. That is what worked for me.

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