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Can someone confirm this on 4.3 or 4.3.1 ??


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This issue happens on 4.2, I want to know if it's fixed for 4.3

  1. have userA create a paid file
  2. Delete userA via ACP
  3. Guest owns file formerly owned by userA
  4. PROBLEM: Any Guest on earth can download paid file for FREE
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Gave this a run for you.

When you delete a member in 4.3 you get a few options. You can still display their name next to the content owned by them or flip it to guest. You can also choose to hide/delete all of their content as well.

I did the following:

Created user
Logged in as them.
Made a paid file.
Confirmed all is good with paid file, other users and guests had to pay/checkout.
Deleted user - chose to flip to Guest name and keep content.

Went back to the front end, logged in to another account, was still forced to pay/checkout the now Guest file.

Logged out and as a guest user I was also still forced to pay/checkout.

Now as to where any money goes during this transaction - I imagine it just stays with the "house" so to speak, as in if file is paid and owner is "guest" (or does not exist) then percentage of revenue for paid file is 100% site. Purely a logical guess, haven't looked.


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And... that doesn't happen on 4.3, which is what I was confirming.


Logged out and as a guest user I was also still forced to pay/checkout.

Guest user on a paid file "owned" by Guest has to pay for the file on 4.3.

If you want to be picky, you could report a bug since setting that can download paid files without paying setting does not affect anything for Guests on 4.3. Toggled on or off Guests have to pay for paid files; which is actually a good thing.

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