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Emoji Support in 4.3?


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In announcing the 4.3 upgrade (4.3.1) to my forum, I posted a few emoji under the "emoji now supported!" sub-heading, proudly announcing support.

The emoji showed up just fine in the post. I can edit the post and add them back in, in fact.

?‍♂️ and ?? and ?️ were among them.

But when I hit submit, they showed up like this:


I'm using the latest version of Safari on the latest version of macOS, which supports emoji quite well.

So what is causing the issue? My forums_posts table has a "post" row with UTF-8 encoding. Should that have been converted to something else? Do other rows need to be converted to something else, too?

P.S. The emoji seem to work here, at IPS.

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4 minutes ago, opentype said:

You need utf8mb4 (for the suite and the MySQL tables), not just utf8. 

Yeah, I just upgraded the posts row in the forums_posts and that seems to work.

The question is then why didn't the upgrade scripts properly do this for me? I imagine there are lots of other parts where this is needed - blog posts, blog comments, gallery image comments, status updates… PMs… etc.

Thank you @opentype.

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Thank you.

8 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

The option is in the ACP - can't remember where and can't locate now because all my DBs are already converted.

In this topic…

A user suggested it was in the sidebar. But my sidebar doesn't have an "Enable utf8mb4" script.



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1 hour ago, opentype said:

Make sure you conf_global doesn’t claim you have mb4 enabled, when that’s not actually the case. 

  'sql_utf8mb4' => true,


Yeah that was it.

Support was pretty quick about it.

Thank you.

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