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embedded video size?


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The v4 is starting to be a real pain, as I said in a previous comment mobile use is extremely poor. Now on to my next main issue

Converting the forum from 3.4 to v4 has converted all the embedded videos which were set at a reasonable size to huge video dimensions. One thing they look ridiculous being so big and another they are slowing/slugging the forum and in some cases freezing the browser while they load when opening topics that contain many videos. This issue did not happen on v3.4 due to the content width being adjusted correctly.

I have contacted support and I appreciate there was no way of converting existing embedded videos over to v4, but that's no help for my situation.  

I need some sort of solution for the embedded video being full size, there must be a way, script of through the database?  this is really effecting my forum when opening a topic with many videos posted. Newly posted videos are of cause the correct size its just the old ones. 

What with the issue of browsing the forum on a mobile phone being a nightmare and the video size. My daily member visits are dropped. 

V4 is a vast improvement with some good features but spoilt for me personally and my members by a few issues


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ACP → Images & Videos.



By the way: 4.x is running fine on thousands of sites since 2015. It’s well established and refined. If you changed just yet, it’s not surprising that you and you users need to get used to it just yet. Change always needs getting used to. But it is not “extremely poor” just we have a responsive website now and not a mobile theme, which is an outdated concept. 

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I have been using this software since 2005 so well used to changes over the past years. :smile:

Yes that video setting I am aware of but that only changes it for new content and not for old past content, if I could convert it I would not be stuck with this issue I have.

may be responsive  but when you have many sub forums, all you see is an endless list and lots of scrolling to view any thing. yes it does run good now but does need a lot of work to get it ticking over right. both from the admin cp and adjustments to the server it runs on. 

Thanks for your reply  

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13 minutes ago, bearback said:

Yes that video setting I am aware of but that only changes it for new content and not for old past content …

That is not true. The full-size functionality is set globally through CSS and it can be changed globally through CSS. 

If you would post a link to a topic on your site with videos, we could check out what is going on. 

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Sorry only going by what support told me, I was asking support why the system did not convert the embedded video to the new size and if theres a way to convert previously posted video.

I have requested a solution for the video issue but no reply from them so far, I will ask again and see what they come up with.

Thank you for your time



It cannot keep some old settings, as they simply do not translate to the new settings unfortunately. There is no way in which to change existing embedded items.

Kind Regards,
Marc Stridgen


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24 minutes ago, bearback said:

Sorry only going by what support told me,

You probably misunderstood the answer. The settings did not convert, which is correct. The size values in the posts also cannot be changed, since they are stored as plain HTML within the posts. That does however NOT mean that the size of the videos cannot be limited (through CSS values). 

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