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Hostgator suspended my site

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Can anybody assist me please as Hostgator after hosting with these for about 12 years have suspended my site due to the following reasons and apparently using too much resource on my shared server...

We recommend consulting with the place you acquired the script from to see if they have any guides or information on script optimizations.

If that is not possible, a good way to approach the issue is to inspect these large database tables, and reduce the total rows in them by a significant amount:

ibf_core_search_index 271442
ibf_forums_posts 230921
orig_ibf_posts 222606
ibf_core_search_index_item_map 203187
orig_ibf_reputation_totals 167822
orig_ibf_spider_logs 66530
orig_ibf_core_share_links_log 53679


Hostgator will not turn my site back on until these issues have been resolved 

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Hostgator and other related hosting providers have very low limits for the resources that you can use :(

Expensive also....

So it's time to get something bigger and better ! :)

You may want to get a vps or a dedicated server ... depends from your budget....

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Well, for 1 it looks like you have the pre and post UTF8 conversion tables present in your DB.  

Check your conf_global.php and see what your sql_prefix is.  If it's just 'ibf_', you can safely DROP all tables that start with 'orig_ibf'.  Based on the number of records in orig_ibf_posts and ibf_forum_posts, I'd say that's likely the case. 

That'll reduce the overall size of your database a bit.  May not be enough to get you under HostGator limits.  IF they turn you back on, I'd recommend starting the hosting search immediately because i'll just be a matter of time.  That, however, is something you'll need to do outside these forums.  

I recommend you submit a ticket to @Rhett so he can maybe take a look at what IPS Cloud hosting plan your site would fit into.

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