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Will this continue to work with the 4.7.x and PHP 8 changes that they're pushing? It still works, currently, it's just listed in this category:

9 Resources are not compatible and do not have compatible updates

  • This resource can be removed if not in use. It should be assumed that this resource will be disabled during upgrade if incompatible. If this is a resource you require, you may wish to postpone the upgrade.
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2 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

This is not supported since IPS 4.5. EOL.

Okay, but do you have any reason to think it won't work in 4.7.x/PHP 8?

Or is there another app/plugin that does this?

I've disabled reactions in our off-topic forum (so that members only get positive reputation from stuff that my forum is actually meant to discuss).

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