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Moving IPB files to root, url issues. Advice needed


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Hi Folks

I have a small problem. Here goes.

I am moving all my IPB files from /forum to root so i can make use of Invision Pages as the default app. When I do this then the forums section will automatically forward to /forums (even though the forums direction will no longer exist.

Problem i have is my URL is /forum and it would mean an 301 redirect to /forums

I am a little worried about this as its 16 years this site has been going with thousands of inbound links.

I did speak to Marc in support and he advised to be create the 301 as it will encourage google to reindex the site properly. But I would like to get a second opinion (sorry Marc :D )

So the main question is, is it possible to make the default /forums that IPB is linking to be changed to /forum instead or is it possible for me to do this with a plugin or .htaccess??

Ideally i would like things to stay as normal getting the benefits from the inbound links.



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