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IPS 4.3 - Any work done to improve profile photos?

KT Walrus

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I find the process of uploading/cropping profile photos to be one of the least polished parts of the user interface. The member should be able to maintain a small album of profile photos where they can recrop/select a current photo to use for their profile. As it is now, the cropper is very primitive and is only available when uploading a new photo. If you don't get the cropping just right to show in a circular avatar, you end up having to re-upload the photo and re-crop to try to get it right.

For my site, we use real photos of the member for the profile photo. It would be better if the original (before cropping) were available to the profile viewer (perhaps under a "Profile Photos" tab), so the profile photos were browsable and showed more than their face.

Even if you only replace the current cropper with a better one (that shows, in realtime, a preview of the photo as it will appear as a circular avatar), that would be a huge improvement in this neglected part of the user experience. Still, I would like you to rethink Profile Photos as a browsable album associated with each user's profile.

If you do move into more user management capabilities for Profile Photos, it also would be nice to have user management of Profile Cover Photos as well (with a rectangular cropper with full positioning and re-cropping capabilities).

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Agree with this 100%, the current method is very tricky to use if you are using a mobile device like an iPad.

Takes several attempts because although it looks okay in the preview, once you commit and see the finished result, often there is part of the image missing. My avatar when I uploaded it to another IPS site looked like I had part of my head sliced off, and trying to centre a circular object or symbol is very hard to get right as it's often cut off or misaligned.

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