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[PROBLEM] Apple iPad iOS 5.1.1 2012


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Dear Community,

I've got a problem on my Forum with this device. In detail I can do the "Login" into the Forum and see all the "Discussions" and I can also create a "Discussion" but I can't answer them.

I've tried with many browsers (Safari, Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, iBrowser) but it doesn't worked.  Another problem is also that when I try to "Logout" I've to tap several times on the corner-right "Menu" before its opening. 

Can you help me please? It's urgent!

Thanks in advance.

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On 18/12/2017 at 2:48 PM, bfarber said:

Are other users able to reproduce the same issue on your site?

If you clear your browsing history do you still have the same issue?

If you log in with a different user account do you have the same issue?

1. Yes a llittle part of them

2. Yes, they clear their browser history and still got the problem

3. Yes because a little part of them with obvious different account have got this problem

*UPDATE* Now the same problem is on iPhone 3GS too

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Does this affect newer/updated models? A 3GS and an iPad running software from 2012 are fairly old at this point and my first recommendation would be to upgrade.

That said, I'm unsure off hand why the editor would work for submitting new content, but not allow you to reply to existing content.

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To echo what @bfarber said - is there any reason/business case you're on an outdated iOS (5.5) and an iPhone 3GS? (Does 3G even still work?)

If the iPad is from 2012, that's a 3rd gen iPad, and iOS 9.3.5 is the highest OS you can update to (not sure if you even can). Might be time to invest in newer hardware, if possible.

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22 hours ago, sofos said:

obviously the problem does not concern us but rather some of our community. I'm looking for the right answer to give them.

Unless there is a business reason behind supporting an outdated and unsupported hardware/OS, I'd not waste time and resources trying to support something that old.

The "right answer" would be a diplomatic:

"We're sorry you're having issues accessing our site on your device, but unfortunately we can only support (list devices and OSes you are willing and able to support), which your device and OS is not.

We try to provide the best experience for users visiting our site and that means keeping up with modern browsers and web standards, as well as modern operating systems.

Please try accessing our site from a more modern device and OS and let us know if you have any questions or need anything else."

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