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New Need Help With Categories, Forum, Topic Creation


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Ok I just got on here I'm trying to set up some forums. I don't quiet understand the way it's working. When I goto FORUM then I click to create a Forum. I guess you would call it a category?, Then it forces me to make that one a Parent. So I done that, then I click to make a new forum to go in that and I set it as Discussion, so people can post topics in it right away. Well the problem I'm having is when I go back to my main page to view the forum, I only see the last one I created. It doesn't show me the Category.

I setup up like this

General Medical Discussions - parent categoy or (main)

----- Symptoms 

well main site only shows

----- Symptoms, doesn't show the main category at all.  Am I doing something wrong. Seems like it should be easy, I'm wanting to have only like Two to four main categories and a few forums in each one.

How can I also just make a Discussion out side of a category, or a forum with no category. AKA Uncategorized Forum lol, I don't know I'm lost on here, main problem is that the category or main forum don't show, just the ones I add under it. So user would never know what category they are in.

Any discussion on this would help me out I know it seems so Basic but apparently im not getting something. 

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