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Adsense No Clicks


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Hey there,

Just wondering if anyone can share their experience on using Adsense with IPS.

I get about 5K page views per day and am lucky if I get 5 clicks out of it.

Similar websites of mine (which are blogs not forums) are earning 150+ clicks for similar or less pageviews.

I have authorized Google to access member only content, have played around with various insertion methods (default IPS ad system, plugins, manual insertion, etc), changed the ad types and layouts extensively, and yet there is never any clicks.

Does anyone else get virtually no clicks on their forum's Adsense while getting decent traffic and impressions?

I am trying to figure out how to fix it.

Thanks for any input.

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Are you getting your page views from Adsense site?

One thing I've noticed is that the rise in mobile viewing has made the old style ads less valuable. Make sure you setup a mobile capable Responsive ad to help counter-act that.

I'd suggest just using the internal IPS advertisement sections.

Responsive Ads are a bit of a pain to setup check out these two threads:

I would setup a basic adsense as:

Firstly - I setup a special premium member group, so that you can offer a membership for a certain timeframe, give people bonuses like more signature room, ability to have signature images, more pm space, no ads at all, a special sub-forum for donators.

Global Leaderboard (Responsive) - 728 x 90 maximum, responsive so it works even on small mobile devices. Show to everyone who isn't an Administrator or a Premium member.

Forum View After First Topic - 728 x 90 Guests & New Members

Topic View Under First Post - 728 x 90 Guests & New Members

Global Footer - 728 x 90 Everyone not Admin/Premium

Sidebar - 300 x 250 Everyone not Admin/Premium

Lower Sidebar (custom location) - 300 x 250 - Guests & New Members

The majority of income will come from the Leaderboard & the Sidebar, but you can make another 25% with the others.

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