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  1. Yes, it seems to be so. I am using centos w/ cloudlinux so it only shows the EN locale. When I try to edit the portuguese lang (rename it) it says my server does not allow it. I don't remember it being an issue before. But it's a server problem then, at least I know that now. Thanks everyone!
  2. Not to be rude, But... Can you mark your own post as a solution? Shouldn't I be the one to do that? Anyway, what I wish to change is the date format in the admin. I think this is done via template, because I have changed a lot of strings in the language pack and nothings seems to work. The date should read 11/09/2021 (Day, Month, Year).
  3. Yes, I downloaded @Adriano Faria's portuguese translation and it came with the right locale. But when I tried to rename it, it gives me this error.
  4. There is a lot of topics on date format here. I wish this setting would belong in the admin instead of languages. But in this version although I've set everywhere to dd/mm/yy, the admin shows my tables with mm/dd/yy. How am I supposed to change that?
  5. It is a bug. The icon only shows when hovered. Does this not happen with you?
  6. Four years laters and the dev team has not fixed this.
  7. First is gonna come sooner, major version updates take a while...
  8. Not really practical. As a Dev, I know this option exist, but I know most users do not. And my board is for them.
  9. I want the right time. Users mostly need this to stablish timelines in their heads. If there is a plugin for this, I'll pay for it.
  10. Hi, any plans to get this working with 4.5?
  11. Just to point that this 3 year old issue is still going on in the last version (4.5).
    Amazing! My community was really happy about this!
  12. And people could purchase it 😄 you deserve some compensation for this.
  13. I am not sure cause I haven't checked out yet, but i believe in the last update there is some wrapper template updates, i think we can do this straight up there.
  14. I have the latest version and I cannot see the ad. It adds ok, but keeps loading while saving and never shows up. It works, it was the style that was not set to list.
  15. But I have removed it from the apps and plugins folder. Where else could it be?
  16. Oh, I deleted the app and it says; Out of date applications How do I remove all traces of the old plugin? I'm thinking this might be the issue. I can install other apps and plugins, yes. And permissions are ok.
  17. The plugin is uninstalled, but I keep getting the same error (even with mod_sec off): 1S160/2
  18. I cannot install it. When I upload the tar it tries to install then goes to a 404 page. Maybe I have some of the old version (free) installed, but I can't figure out how to find these files.
  19. Sorry to hear about that. I have the same problem with my hands and wrists... Have you tried accupuncture? Not a permanent solution, but it helps relief the pain.
  20. Hi, is it possible to have only one keyword linked per post? Because if I have a reply like "so, to do this thing, you have to change the thing and update the thing". In that example, all instances of the word "thing" would be linked. I don't mind if it happens in another reply in the same topic, but to have it in the same post confuses users.
  21. Is it possible to leave some groups out? As an admin, it sucks to be restricted from my own board. lol
  22. Ok, let's all gather in a pm or somewhere else, maybe we can figure something out. Just PM me if you're interested in a pagseguro and boleto facil gateway.
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