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Change the basic URL - Delay and duration


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I want to change the basic URL of my site from "domain. com" to "www.domain.com".
I know I have to update the base_url variable in conf_global. php and update the licenced url in the client area, then run the support tool to rebuild the datastore file.
1. Is it necessary to respect a delay between the modification of the licenced url in the client area and the update of conf_global. php
2. in what order should the changes be made so that there is no service interruption?
3. How long will the rebuild of the datastore file take for a site with 40.000 members and 1,500,000 posts in forums ?

Thank you for your help

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OK ...

I have updated the value of base-url in conf_global.php ("domain.com replaced by "www.domain.com").

But I have this error when trying to update the licenced URL :

There seems to still be a installation of Invision Community at the URL on file. Before you can change the URL, you must first remove the existing installation.
Error code: R02

Of course, an installation is at the actual url, because the actual url is "domain.com", which is an alias to www.domain.com on our server

My new question is : is it necessary to update the licenced url when the old url is domain.com  and the new url is www.domain.com ?

Thank you for your help


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