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Hi guys me again, I am wanting to add custom calculators to my forum- I.E calculate volume and dosing volumes.

I have them in Excel but would like to have them on a tab that opens giving members access to an online calculator without any downloading required.

you see them on many websites i.e finance etc

Any help or links would be appreciated.




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19 minutes ago, dave@reef-face.co.uk said:

thanks Andy


You're welcome. :)

I can't (for obvious reasons) give you a recommendation as such, but I'd just say the obvious really:

Have a look at the listing, although it may appear daunting at first once you narrow it down to those who are 'available' and suitable (by this I mean they offer custom coding rather than say design work only) then you will have a sensible listing.

From that you could then take a look via their profile at their submissions here in the Marketplace to 'gauge' their work, although this is *not* a definite guide by any means, it is quality not quantity you're after obviously. :) There are some very, very good coders who only have a small number of submissions and there are also the same with a larger number but it is worth a quick glance anyway to see what files they have submitted here.

Once you do have a hopefully shortlist of prospective people to ask, simply send them a message each to see if they are able to assist you within your timescale and budget as required.

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