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The Scunthorpe Problem


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If you aren't aware, the "Scunthorpe" problem is an issue that computers using word filters have with certain legitimate words, that get blocked. Scunthorpe is a location in England, but it also contains a (for most parts of the world that aren't Australia and some of England) a highly offensive swearword.

Invision has a word filter.

Now my issue isn't specifically with Scunthorpe, but it is football related. As you can see from the signature my website is based around a football team. One of the opposition players has the last name "Nigro". Which for certain countries (mostly Spain & Italy) it is often just what the actual colour black is called. As you can figure, this often gets picked up by word filters. For good reason.

Now, my issue is that Invision doesn't appear to have a "whitelist" (ironic considering the entomology of the players name) that you can specifically allow certain phrases. Only a blocklist.

Am I missing an option for this? Could it be added to the software?

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