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Mods Deleting Gallery Albums

Bill Edwards

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7 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

In Moderators, when you disable Content -> Can delete all content? permisison:


it enables the apps permisisons, like below:


Just disable it.

Many thanks, but I don't have that option on the Gallery Album tab :(




Sorry, I misunderstood. 

But still don't understand! If ALL CONTENT is selected, why can't they delete Albums? But when I disable ALL CONTENT they can - seems a bit unintuitive to me :)

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Now I'm REALLY confused!

If I DISABLE "Can delete all content", I have the "Delete Albums" option - but it STILL won't allow Moderators to delete albums

If I ENABLE "Can delete all content", which would be logical, there is no "Delete Albums" options and Moderators can't delete albums

So, Moderator's CAN'T delete Albums??

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2 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Just noticed that and that can be a bug. It's only appearing there when you delete the image directly. It's not going to there when you delete the album, even enabling the option:


I would report it as a bug.

Many thanks - I was advised to use Gallery by Tech Support because a couple of our members were posting forum topics with huge numbers of Photos.

I've come up against so many bugs and missing basic features since I started using Gallery that I believe it's not fit for purpose. Think I'll just give up with it and hope that IPS bother to sort it at some point in the future :(


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