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Whether by app update or plugin I would (very much) like to be able to change the author of calendar events. 

My main site is for an organization and due to the sloth and antipathy of members I end up creating nearly all of the organization's event entries … and as such I seem to end up "owning" the event in the mind of site visitors (no matter how much contact information I provide in the body of the event). 

As admin it would be very handy for me to assign the responsible party as event author once. (I do occasionally remember that I can go in via ACP, find the member, sign in as the member, and then create the event. Would prefer to change from the front end :))


I love the venues feature. :thumbsup: 

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It looks useful but doesn't get to the heart of my problem which is that as "communication manager" for this particular club I'm the one who sets up email campaigns, converts "flyers" into articles, Facebook posts, and calendar events. For example, for PR reasons I want next year's fund-raising walk on our calendar months early but an event "owner" won't step up until the last minute. At that point I want to switch the calendar event owner to the actual event organizer so that questions go to them, not me just because I added it to the calendar. I add big contact buttons and For More Info text and whatnot, but it appears everywhere as posted by me and people almost always default to me with questions. 

We have a couple members who tend to create events early on their own and I try to heap praise and love on them for their example, but the bulk of events are still left to me to create. It's not for difficulty with venues, so much. 

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