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X.co.uk or X.co.uk/forum


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Currently I just have the forum software. I plan on adding pages and blog at least at some point in the future. Is it best that I install my forum software on my website as X.co.uk or as X.co.uk/forum so that when I do add pages I can have the pages being the main page. How will this affect the SEO now if I set it to go to /forum when someone just types in X.co.uk?



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Install it in the root if you can and if you want to add Pages later, I would add it now already so URLs don’t change later. An URL slug /forums/ will be added automatically if the forums app isn’t the default app. Same for blogs or gallery.  

You can also go the other way: Install it physically in the subfolder /forum/ and then use the included option to place a Pages homepage in the parent folder. But I consider that a work-around and it also doesn’t prevent other apps like blogs and gallery from becoming sub folders, e.g. /forum/blogs. Not very elegant. 

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