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Can I remove the 2nd title?


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Its superfluous and irritating, especially when in RSS feeds the title is repeated.

Is it possible to remove this second title? The template doesn't have a separate title/comment properties, just one. 

Any ideas?

Thanks all.

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That’s neither an option nor a stock feature. Do you know where that even comes from? We would first need to narrow down what caused this display in order to tell you how to get rid of it. 

Is that additional title part of the posts if you edit the post? Have you converted your board recently? Any plugins installed that effect these things?

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Thanks for the replies.

How bizarre that it is not default functionality, I didn't for 1 second consider that this may have come from a plugin. 

I can see the following in the post template, which shows that the additional title is not happening at this layer;

	<div class='cPost_contentWrap ipsPad'>		
		<div data-role='commentContent' itemprop='text' class='ipsType_normal ipsType_richText ipsContained' data-controller='core.front.core.lightboxedImages'>

			{{if $comment->editLine()}}

I don't have many apps / plugins, I'll disable each and refresh to see if it goes away.

Thanks guys!

Argh, the additional title is inserted into the db when the topic is created, so it becomes part of the post.

I'm going to have to make a bunch of new topics. :D


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Interestingly, today I installed my IPB4.2 site on my local machine to test and try to fix this issue.

The issue does not occur on my local. Same plugins & apps. I even tried adding and removing redis locally to make sure that didn't have an effect.

Time to log a ticket I think. 

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