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Display number of members in a group


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I would like to display on the front end the amount of members in a group that will update automatically. Basically we run a game server where access is purchased through our store and once we have X amount of members with access we upgrade it, we would like to show members how many people have access via the group so they can see how close we are to the next upgrade if that makes sense.

So like what you see in the ACP > Members > Groups but being able to put it in PHP or a block on the front end.

Thanks :) 

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2 hours ago, MadMcardle said:

Sorry Daniel, how do I find out the number of the group? And I would simply change the 4 to that number? At the moment it is just showing the code front end :unsure:


Yes, change the 4 to the group id ( which can be found in the URL while editing the group)

You'll need to create a php block as described here:

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6 hours ago, Zephers said:

Thanks for this - if I wanted multiple groups in the same block with their counts (like a list) how would you code that?

Create html block

	{{foreach \IPS\Member\Group::groups(true, false) as $group}}
			{$group->formattedName|raw}: {$group->getCount()}


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