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  1. Yes I get what you mean Mike, but the way this will work is nothing new, there are other apps that do it this way, I was hoping this will be different, of well back to the drawing board for me lol
  2. I have to say after waiting so long for the Commerce integration I'm disappointed to see it come out like this, I don't know if I am the only one but I wanted it to possible for the points to straight out buy items for points, specific items that are listed as points. I have a gaming community and wanted to reward active members with merch or game keys but from points, having it convert in to account credit means that could end up costing me/my community quite a bit if someone just saves their points up.
  3. @Mike John is there any ETA on the commerce being added? I bought this app a year ago basically for that upcoming feature lol. I have a lot of respect for you man honest I do, you do some great apps etc and a lot of them for free, but this app is letting you down for sure. The point of the app was to be a long term solid point app right? And if I am honest it has been disappointing, some of the promised upcoming features still awaiting to be implemented. I am more than happy to pay for the app again once there is an update, even at a higher price, please update soon man a lot of communities are crying out for a solid points app that they can use to actually redeem rewards through their communities! Even a rough ETA, something, anything would be gratefully received
  4. Geez this was so simple actually, I was just over thinking it and making it complicated lol, need to learn php a lot more, thanks for the help
  5. Sorry @Daniel F, how do I find out the number of the group? And I would simply change the 4 to that number? At the moment it is just showing the code front end
  6. Thanks for the reply @Daniel F would I copy that in to a block? I'm not as experienced as my profile may imply
  7. Hello, I would like to display on the front end the amount of members in a group that will update automatically. Basically we run a game server where access is purchased through our store and once we have X amount of members with access we upgrade it, we would like to show members how many people have access via the group so they can see how close we are to the next upgrade if that makes sense. So like what you see in the ACP > Members > Groups but being able to put it in PHP or a block on the front end. Thanks
  8. Let's be straight here @Midnight Modding, you have promised and failed to deliver on this application for a ridiculous amount of time now, surely it was expected that someone would eventually step up and make it. The fact that you are now simply giving up because someone else is making a similar application makes it look like you were just looking for a way to get out of making it and not look like the bad guy. I gave up on this application a long time ago, if someone is making it or a similar application please let me know, I would be happy to purchase it.
  9. So what we want to create is a database of members that have been banned from our server, with evidence attached to show why. But instead of having to title it each time we just want the title field to be ID: XXX that is generated automatically, if that makes sense? Sorry for the short messages but I am not as experienced as my profile may seem We are making the database through Pages, and having it displayed that way too.
  10. Thanks @opentype would it be possible to use that as the title do you think?
  11. I am creating a database through pages, my bad lol
  12. Hello, I would like my database title to be a unique ID number in this format, ID : 1, ID: 2, ID: 3 etc, not sure what I am doing wrong, any help would be appreciated Mad
  13. Hello, I would like my database title to be a unique ID number in this format, ID : 1, ID: 2, ID: 3 etc, not sure what I am doing wrong, any help would be appreciated Mad
  14. I'll be honest I gave up on this a while ago bud as it was promised over and over and never happened. I myself kept promising it to my community and then letting them down so in the end we did something different. If you do get it done then great and we'll be happy to buy it again, but I hope there is a introductory price to account for the long wait.
  15. Hey guys, I would like to set member titles as an image that is only for selected groups, this is to show a sponsors title basically, is this possible? Thanks
  16. Hello, I want to use this plugin on my gaming website as a way to approve applications, only problem is it redirects all members regardless of the ones I choose in the groups option, I see this has not been updated in a while, any chance of a fix? It would be really useful
  17. Any ETA on additional functions Mike? And what we can hope to see in the next build? Cheers
  18. Mcardle


    This error when awarding a limited edition medal that is still open: Exception: Sorry to be able to award you must disable the limited edition still available option. (0) #0 [internal function]: IPS\awards\modules\front\awards\_ajaxcreate->newAward() #1 /home/binaryc1/public_html/community/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): call_user_func(Array) #2 /home/binaryc1/public_html/community/applications/awards/modules/front/awards/ajaxcreate.php(21): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #3 /home/binaryc1/public_html/community/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(129): IPS\awards\modules\front\awards\_ajaxcreate->execute() #4 /home/binaryc1/public_html/community/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #5 {main} Also get four 1's on front of any award name on mobile, for example 1111Team Award
  19. Yeah frustrating changing the colours as now all previous "admin" posts won't be the same, can we change it please!
  20. Basic Points app is working on commerce integration, I am after the same thing as you man our gaming community sells in-game items for points which we trade for various other things, ranks etc but want to include real world items too, a game for example that can be purchased with points rather than real money. We can't sell the points you see as that would breach the ToS of the game for selling items for real money.
  21. Mcardle


    Just checking in as seen this was updated but some people are having issues with upgrades or whatever. I would be a fresh install so would it work for me now?
  22. Mcardle


    Ah ok I will hold of for now then, thanks for the quick reply.
  23. Mcardle


    Issues like broken? Or issues like hot fixes? And max size of images? Nice one for taking over for him though
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