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IP.Gallery :: Sort direction


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There is currently no way to dictate which direction a gallery is sorted in. You can choose how it's sorted, but not which direction.

So, if you wanted an album to be sorted from oldest to newest (instead of newest to oldest), there's currently no way to do this.

I find this primarily to be an issue when I go to upload images to an album I don't intend to update again (i.e. a one-time event) and my first instinct is to upload the images in order from best to worst. However, doing this with IP.Gallery results in images being sorted the opposite way of what you intended, and there's no way to correct this.

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I agree. This is something that really needs to be improved in IP.Gallery and one of my biggest hates.  Not just a pet peeve, but a true hate.

Both the default sort needs to be improved in the ACP settings and the front-end sort in albums and categories.

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