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form setting to toggle on html

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Is there a way to toggle on a $form->addHtml(' '); in the settings, for example

$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\YesNo( 'ShowHTMLForm', \IPS\Settings::i()->ShowHTMLForm, FALSE, array('togglesOn' => array( 'The_setting_below' ) ) ) );

$form->addHtml('I want this to display if ShowHTMLForm = 1 ');


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4 minutes ago, newbie LAC said:

$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\YesNo( 'ShowHTMLForm', \IPS\Settings::i()->ShowHTMLForm, FALSE, array('togglesOn' => array( 'my_custom_id' ) ) ) );

$form->addHtml('<div id="my_custom_id">Text</div>');


Perfect your a legend thanks

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