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How to create premium memberships


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1) Create a Donator membership group. Give it all the benefits you want. Some of the benefits I give include:

  • Showing the user as a donator on the forum
  • Allowing more name changes
  • Reducing flood control
  • Allowing a larger signature, and more text lines.
  • A special username colour
  • I allow them to upload images as attachments, with 15mb of space, and 2.5mb max file size (I don't allow any attachments for regular members) so this can be a very useful bonus to offer for people who can take advantage of it.
  • Creation of polls.
  • Much longer edit restrictions
  • Silent editing
  • Larger profile photos
  • Animated profile photos
  • Increased PM recipients
  • Larger PM storage
  • Attachments in messages
  • Ability to send even if recipient has a max inbox.

2) Setup payments. Paypal is probably the easiest way to start.

3) Setup a product. Make it a Normal Product, untick Physical, do not associate with other purchases, price whatever, renewals at whatever price you want and however long you want it to last. In purchase benefits go down and select "move customer into group", choose your new group, then "return the previous group when expires" if that's what you want, and "do not generate a license key".

That is pretty much it.

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That's very odd.

If I go to http://www.mwcboard.com/ it goes to the normal forum.

if I go direct to https://www.mwcboard.com/ it immediately redirects to that SEO website. Since the checkout is a HTTPS URL, it's redirecting to the other website.

You need to get in touch with your server host (and maybe your domain manager if they aren't the same), it looks like your domain/server (as opposed to your IPB install) hasn't been setup correctly, and something is redirecting the HTTPS version of your site to that SEO guy's website.

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15 hours ago, nodle said:

You aren't happening to be using Cloudflare are you? Basically I think you are listed on a shared certificate. If so just like @opentype said your SSL isn't setup properly and redirecting to the shared certificate.


Yeah I figured that out.  I am using cloudflare.  I got it resolved.  Thanks for the help guys!

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