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Wish to stop selected forums showing in forum display

Steve Bullman

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I'm not sure we are supposed to do tech stuff in this forum but:

If you don't care that it exists in the browser source html you can use custom css to make it not show:

body[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] [data-forumid="16"] {display:none};

Otherwise unless someone comes up with a setting, you could modify the forum index template to check forum id and not generate row, but that is maintenance pain.

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Actually after implementing the css code you provided it isn't working as I had hoped.


I am trying to mot the sponsored forums from the list as it is stretching the other forums in grid format, as in this image:




However with the code implemented it removes the forum form the list but messes up the grid system...the software is acting like its still there and stretching the 2 grids to the left:




Is there a way round this within that code?


Mods, please move to appropriate section for me.

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24 minutes ago, Steve Bullman said:

Looks like the developer hasn't signed in since septmeber 2016 either.

The dev may be using invisible mode which wont update last seen time but he has posted today.

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