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Prevent unnecessary scripts from loading?


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The title is a bit unclear because there are no unnecessary scripts, that's true. But, if I view my community as a guest, Chatbox.js and Buzz.js are loaded as scripts when I don't see why they should be? Chatbox is not available for Guests and as for Buzz, I think that's only needed when the person logs in since it works with notification and the Chatbox itself.

I also noticed maps.js is loaded which is confusing. What is that for? Our community doesn't even use Google Maps integration.

So is there a way for me to prevent those 3 scripts from loading until they're needed?

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The chat was loaded because of the navbar tab, but since the app doesn't exist anymore, there's nothing to be worried about anymore :)

The root_map.js file isn't related to google maps or any other map services. It's a automatic generated file which contains the mapping data for the controllers and this file is required for the lazy loading of all the other javascript files which are loaded only when they're needed:)

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